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The Joy brand started in Nigeria with the Soap which was launched about 3 decades ago. It was re-launched in 2002 with several new variants, a move that resulted in tremendous growth. In 2006, the soap was relaunched with special tip-ins like Milk and Cucumbers. Joy Skincare Tender soap is one of the fastest selling toilet soaps in Nigeria. Building on the heritage built over the years on our classic Joy soap, the Joy beauty range was born.
In 2005, the Relaxer was introduced. Joy Cologne and Joy Talc came on board in 2006; and just recently, in 2008,Joy Roll-on and Joy Lip-gloss were launched. Joy is an evolving range of beauty necessities that are fun, functional, and enhances the self confidence, emotional and aspirational needs from late teens to twenty something's.


Cussons baby soap Joy Flavoured Lip-gloss available in three delicious flavours: Strawberry, Apple, and

Pineapple. Enriched with Vitamin E and UV protection to keep the lips healthy and protected from the harsh effect of sunlight. .


Cussons baby Lotion Be confident! Quick drying, long lasting anti-perspirant deodorant protection with a pleasant

perfume. Available in three variants – Breezy, Joyful, and Romantic..


Cussons Baby Cream Be pampered! Indulge your self with sweet scented Joy Talc that keeps you cool, comfortable

and radiant! Joy Talc is available in two sizes; 100g and 200g.


Cussons Baby Oil Be gorgeous! Joy Moisturising Beauty Cream is naturally enriched with Aloe Vera and Vitamin

B3 to soothe and moisturise the skin. The result is your skin is supple and silky smooth from top to toe! .


Cussons Baby Powder Be confident! Joy Conditioning Relaxer Regular is enriched with a blend of conditioning

ingredients, coconut oil and protective base to condition the hair and protect the scalp. The result is an effective relaxing experience which

rejuvenates hair moisture to help prevent breakage.
Joy Relaxer is available in 175g, 225g and 400g sizes.


Cussons Baby Powder Be noticed! Regular use of new Joy Toning Skin Cream 125g will even skin tone gradually for effective results. Naturally enriched with milk proteins known to soften the skin whilst sunscreen protects from harmful sunrays. The result is desirable skin which radiates your beauty!


Cussons Baby Powder Be body beautiful! Joy Moisturising Body Lotion is naturally enriched with glycerine to smooth, soften and nourish your skin. The result is beautiful skin you will want to touch!


Cussons Baby Jelly Joy Cologne is available in three variants – Breezy , Joyful and Romantic.
Breezy 75ml: Be cool! Calm yourself in a mist of tranquillity with this fruity floral perfume.
Joyful 75ml: Be happy! Colour your day with this sparkling citrus floral perfume.
Romantic 75ml: Be starry eyed! Indulge yourself in a romantic moment with this gentle chypre perfume


Tender Skincare Joy Tender Skincare bar is one of Nigeria’s leading soap brands with very strong heritage. Over the years, the brand has become synonymous with beauty especially amongst young aspiring females. It is well known for its gentle lather that cleanses and cares for your skin. What’s more, Joy Tender Skincare bar contains natural moisturiser that helps to keep your skin feeling soft & supple.Joy Tender Skincare Bar gentle lather cleanses and cares for your skin. It is specially formulated using quality ingredients – natural moisturiser, milk nutrients & cucumber to cater for your everyday beauty needs.
Available in 2 pack sizes: 20g & 70g

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